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Autumn Bounty

Dear farming friends,

What a growing season it’s been. We’ve met so many wonderful people who have supported our little farming operation. Thank you to all those who who value locally grown, fresh, nutritious food over imported, industrialized products. It’s a grand feeling to be able to make someone smile, simply by handing them some freshly harvested tomatoes.

Sophia serving a customer outside the Lac la Hache Bakery, a must-visit for food lovers traveling between 100 Mile and Williams Lake.

Our Fridays at the Lac la Hache Bakery have been fantastic; thank you to all those who return each week to load up on fresh vegetables while picking up their weekly bread order. Sophia will be there every Friday right through to Thanksgiving. Look for new potatoes, an abundance of squashes and pumpkins, garlic, greenhouse and field tomatoes, cabbage, rutabagas and so much more.

We’ve had an excellent carrot harvest this year.
Behold, our epic squash wealth!
This is our first year planting pumpkins and we’re extremely pleased with how well they’ve grown.
Field tomatoes waiting to ripen. Fingers crossed the frost will hold off a little longer.

We’ll also be open for farm gate sales until Thanksgiving, and are looking forward to attending at least one Christmas market with some farm-made goodies. We’ll keep you posted about the where’s and when’s.

Blessings of the harvest, dear friends!


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